2016  25 / Nov      B Floor Conference Room 4

Time Topic Speaker

Ren Rongwei,postdoctor of Business Management,visiting scholar of the  International Development, Oxford University.Now he is the professor of Business Management Department in Zhongshan University-school of management,Teaching Director in Zhongshan University-School of Entrepreneurship, also holding a concurrent post of executive deputy director in Zhongshan University-Entrepreneurship Center. He will give lectures such as《Entrepreneurship Management》、《The Growth Strategy of New Ventures》etc.

Prof. Ren has rich experience in enterprise management and has served as the first Investment Director of chinese top investment company of Asia Holdings Limited.He has also participated in more than ten chinese New Ventures, such as Huaguang shares, Jianqiao communication and other listed companies in venture capital and listing work. And has directed the entrepreneurial team to win Gold Award many times in the Challenge Cup Venture Competition.