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Country China
Category Treatment of sludge and residues
Usage of sludge and residues
Hall 1.1
Booth A81/B82
Introduce Rongdajikang was established in 2018. It’s imported the USA advanced technology by Siukonda Air Conditioning Co., Ltd, which is a Sino-foreign joint venture with nearly 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry, and formed by environmental experts and Siukonda management team. It’s a technology-driven company combine R&D, manufacture, sales and after-sales service.
We produce small, medium, large scale, waste heat-driven, vehicle-mounted sludge drying equipment. They apply to surface treatment, municipal, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, chemical, paper, petroleum and other industries.


Small and medium-sized scroll sludge low-temperature drying equipment
Rongda Jikang's new generation of low-temperature closed cycle sludge drying equipment adopts closed hot air circulation and heat recovery technology to carry out sludge drying with very low energy consumption. The unit uses five core technical principles: humidity gradient, air flow in oven-chamber, countercurrent drying, fully enclosed independent air duct, and heat exchanger adopts nano electrophoresis anticorrosion technology. The unit is low temperature, energy saving, low air volume, fast drying, less affected by the external environment temperature and humidity, suitable for use in various regions.
QTJ-4800-8X8Strip cutting machine
This strip cutting machine is mainly used for sludge slicing and forming equipment for 4.8 tons of water module. This strip cutting machine can realize the sharing of multiple die modules, and the size of slicing and forming can be adjusted. The cutting strip and stirring mechanism work independently with variable frequency reducer motor.
Large scroll type low temperature sludge drying equipment
The unit uses the company's five core technologies: humidity gradient, uniform air flow in drying room, counter current drying, fully closed independent air duct, and nano electrophoresis anti-corrosion technology for heat exchanger. The comprehensive effect of the five core technologies is remarkable, with low temperature energy saving, small air volume, fast drying, and the highest energy efficiency of the whole unit is more than 4.0. The compressor adopts the scroll compressor of international famous brand for totally enclosed heat pump. The whole machine is of standard modular design with small floor area and flexible installation.
Vehicle-mounted mobile sludge low-temperature drying equipment
Vehicle mobile sludge low temperature drying equipment can be used on the ground, covers a small area, only 22.8 square meters; Special training operation, easy to understand, independent operation; Feeding system, the front and back can be moved, up and down can be upgraded.
Waste heat driven sludge low-temperature drying equipment
Waste heat driven low-temperature sludge drying equipment can use the existing flue gas, generator waste heat, steam condensate, solar energy and other hot water as the equipment heat source, can save heat source costs, but also save waste heat waste heat treatment costs. Closed drying design, no odor emissions, no need to increase the cost of the installation of expensive deodorization system.

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