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Country China
Category Recycling technology and equipment for renewable resources,treatment and utilization of waste
Comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste
Hall 2.1
Booth D01
Introduce Fushun Ejet Magnetic Equipment Co.,Ltd has been focus on magnetic equipment since 2006. The main items are Eddy Current Separator, Sensor Sorter, Magnetic Separator, Electromagnet etc, the whole system design and manufacture of ASR recycling, Zorba recycling could also be supplied.
The products are widely used in Plastic, Glass Cullet, Rubber and other recycling industries.


Eddy Current Separator
The eddy current separator can separate non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper from the raw mateirals you want to deal with.
It is widly used in aluminium recycling field, ASR recycling, refrigerator recycling and waste recycling.
Overband Magnetic Separator
The overband magnetic separator can separate ferrous metal from the material on conveyor.
Permanent and electromagnet could be both available with self cleaning and easy maintenance.
Excellent stainless and insolation wire sorter
Induction sorter is detecting the inductive metal such as copper , aluminum, Zinc, Lead, stainless steel, print circuit board(PCB) and insolation wire etc through the imbed induction sensor under the belt. With high pressure valve connected one line of nozzle after the high speed belt, eject those detected objects, the inductive of sensor could be adjusted through software via the screen.
It is normally being installed after eddy current in order to recover rest of metal after eddy current sorting such as copper, brass, zinc, aluminum and those could not be sorted by eddy current as stainless steel and insolation wire etc.

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